Human Resources Coach Houston

Human Resources Coach

As the top Human Resources Coach in Houston, I can help tune-up your crew. By scrutinizing team dynamics and pinpointing the specific issues that hinder overall efficiency, I can offer nuts-and-bolts insights and actionable solutions.  I collaborate with HR managers to bring out the best in their employees. Do these scenarios sound familiar?
  • Talented employees who simply aren’t delivering up to their potential
  • Subtle — or not so subtle — infighting between team members
  • A general lack of focus, enthusiasm, or direction
  • Meetings that drag on forever, but seem to accomplish little to nothing
My professional background, combined with a proven track record in P&L management for top-tier corporations, gives me the tools, expertise, and hands-on experience to get your team back up to speed. Some of my services include:
  • Attending meetings as an impartial observer to get a feel for how your team truly functions: Who’s the bully? Who’s the slacker? Who just needs a little encouragement to hit their stride?
  • Conducting one-on-one meetings in confidential, non-confrontational settings. I will help your team members air their concerns without fear of reprisal, then serve as a go-between to facilitate enhanced employee performance.
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current talent, and suggesting effective strategies to correct negative behaviors.
Ready to schedule a peer review or tune-up for your team? I’ll help you implement the necessary changes — in personnel or policy — to maximize team performance. Call me at 713-397-5416, or email to arrange an appointment.