Coaching Services

Business Coaching Services

No matter how business savvy you may be, sometimes knowing which steps lead to the most productive path isn’t immediately obvious. That’s when a one-on-one Business Coach comes in handy.

What are you up against?

  • Downsizing or restructuring that’s let the air out of your workforce?
  • Suddenly being tasked with leading a cross-cultural team halfway around the globe?
  • A merger that’s changed the entire playing field as well as the star players?
  • A new boss with an entirely different set of expectations, and a management style that seems contrary to what you’re accustomed to?


If you’re at a crossroads, I can offer constructive feedback that’s both truthful and empathetic — and with total confidentiality. That’s not something you’re likely to get from colleagues, or even your boss.

Think of me as a one-on-one, personal focus group. My years of experience make me the perfect sounding board because I’ve “been there, done that.” “That” includes managing economic downturns, corporate downsizing, financial crises, emerging technologies, changing office cultures, international teams, P&L management, and experience leading a $5-billion worldwide upstream and downstream marketing division. You can learn more details about my experience on my résumé.

Convenient Scheduling In Person or Remotely

Whether in person, via phone or video conference, I’ll do my utmost to accommodate your schedule. Call me at 713-397-5416 or email me at to discuss the best options for you.

  • "I always had that “niggling” feeling that I wasn’t going to go anywhere at my company. My boss and HR seemed to say the right things, but I left those conversations thinking they weren’t telling me everything. Speaking with Elizabeth made me see that I was mismatched where I was, and helped me gain the confidence to make a move. A year later, I’m so grateful that I changed companies!"

  • "I work with two strong men. Elizabeth helped me appreciate the difference between my style and theirs. I ended up making subtle changes in my approach with them, and it’s made such a difference. I wouldn’t say the three of us are “friends” now, but I’m much better able to work collaboratively."

  • "Elizabeth opened my eyes to a brand-new way of thinking about the corporate environment and corporate culture. I didn’t used to pay attention to that part of my job, but she provided me with a roadmap to navigate through the corporate pitfalls and politics that exist everywhere."

  • "I’d always described myself as a hard worker, and I thought if I just worked hard, I would “win.” Turns out, it’s not how hard you work, or smart you are, you need people skills to succeed. Thank you, Elizabeth, for working with me on this very important skill. I’m so much more conscious of it now, and it’s really paying off."

  • "Elizabeth helped me with my peer relationships. I sensed that my peers didn’t like me, but after a 360 review, she was able to tell me things HR never could — and in a compassionate way. Knowing the truth helped me modify my style to something that was still genuine, but made a dramatic difference in my success at work."

  • "I am where I am because of Elizabeth’s guidance. Thank you for helping me concisely define my brand, and for the confidence to advocate for myself."

  • "Elizabeth’s EQ is off the charts. She can sense dynamics and pinpoint personnel problems long before others who’ve been formally trained to do so."

  • "I’d had success hiring women, but many quit at a faster rate than the men on my staff. Elizabeth helped me realize that it wasn’t enough to hire women; I had to consciously change my staff culture to be more of an environment where they felt equal, and at home. Things really improved!"

  • "Thank you, Elizabeth. You’ve helped me with the right verbiage to speak to my boss about career advancement. I’m so much better equipped than I was a year ago. Meeting with you has been so inspiring. I feel like I can conquer the world."