Career Coaching Services Houston

Career Coaching Services

My Career Coaching Services in Houston are designed for anyone on the corporate ladder. I know even the most successful executive can hit a career plateau and can help you move to the next level of your career. Do you ever wonder…
  • If I’m doing all that’s expected of me — and more — how come I’m not getting that promotion?
  • Is it better to stay put and persevere, or cut my losses and move on?
  • Why are my colleagues undermining me … or, am I sabotaging myself?
  • Why can’t I get any traction with my business goals?
A Constructive Plan of Action Consider taking the same approach to your career as you do with your day-to-day projects: define your goals, plan a strategic path to achieve those goals, and follow your plan. Here are a few areas I can help you with:
  • Mapping your company’s organizational chart to determine the best path to your desired position.
  • Determining whether or not your current corporate culture truly aligns with your personal and professional interests.
  • Reviewing your management style to identify where communication may be breaking down.
  • Projecting where you’d like to be in the next two to three years — and figuring out what steps you’ll need to take to get there.
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