Why Coaching

Why Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching teaches smarts, drive, and talent. Those are the qualities that put you at the top of your game. Even in the major leagues, the most outstanding players rely on coaches to hone their skills, help them mesh with the team, determine winning strategies, and ultimately, shape their careers.

Of course, in order to maximize player performance, a coach must understand their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a relationship that takes honesty. It’s a relationship that takes trust. In sports, that give and take is pretty clear-cut, but finding sound guidance in the workplace can often feel like a no-win situation.

You might try speaking with someone in your HR department, but the fact is, in today’s “litigation overboard!” environment, more often than not, HR professionals are hamstrung, and must put potential liability ahead of individual employee concerns.

Okay, so what about talking things through with colleagues? Sure, you get along with your boss and your co-workers, but do you find yourself wondering who might have a hidden agenda? Do you worry that someone else is looking to further their career at the expense of your own, or worse, that you’ve been sabotaging your own game, but can’t figure out how to get out of the slump?

What you need is a safe zone where sharing concerns, throwing out new ideas, and talking through different strategies — even if they’re not fully formed — won’t come back to bite you. I’ll give you the honest feedback you need with empathy, insight and strict confidentiality, but I won’t pull any punches, either. I can tell you what you really need to know to win — things that your HR department can’t, and your colleagues won’t. That’s because as your coach, I only have one agenda as a priority — yours.

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