Gender-Specific Coaching

Gender-Specific Coaching

Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but both have to co-exist in the workplace. It would be counterintuitive to deny that gender differences exist, but is it possible to get the best performance out of both sexes without being sexist?

Yes, it is, and from the A-B-C’s of professional courtesy for men, to sending “the right” signals to colleagues for women, I’ve tailored specific guidelines to create a corporate climate in which both genders can flourish.

Men Will Learn the Answers To Questions Such As:

  • How can I improve my working relationships with my female colleagues/boss?
  • Why are my female employees so much harder to manage?
  • How can I improve my style to bring out the best in my team?


Women Will Learn the Answers To:

  • How effectively am I navigating my male-dominated business/industry?
  • Why are my male employees so much harder to manage?
  • Could my interpersonal skills or my style be having a negative impact on my career?


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